Year 1 - Ms Loizides & Mrs Newport

Year 1 2017

Welcome to Year 1!  We are so excited to be starting our new year together.  We will begin the year learning about special places. We will visit the Methodist church in Portchester to learn why a church is a special place to Christians. If we look really carefully, we might be able to spot the little mouse hidden in the church as well as our own special school badge. Everyone has a place that is special to them, what is your special place?

Toys and Games

Who is that hiding in the Year 1 classroom? Super Mario, Buzz Lightyear, Paw Patrol and My Little Pony! How fortunate because Year 1's new topic is Toys and Games.

We have a brilliant toy museum in the classroom and will be learning all about toys from long ago. There isn't a single battery in sight! I think we will be having a lot of fun learning how to play with all of these toys. We will finish off by writing information leaflets and instructions for the old toys so that new Year R children also know how to play with them.

In Literacy we will be practising writing letters to the spoilt queen from the book ‘That rabbit belongs to Emily Brown.’ However will we persuade the queen to give Emily back her rabbit? We will be using our neatest handwriting and remembering full stops and capital letters.

In Maths we will continue to count forwards and backwards as high as we can and we will also be counting in tens and twos. We will spend the first few weeks becoming brilliant mathematicians by adding and subtracting numbers and using all the skills we learnt in Year R to solve problems in our Whizz Quiz lessons.

During our Science learning we are going to test our ideas, learn and use scientific vocabulary and then improve our ideas.  The focus this term is materials.  Do you know where some materials come from such as wool, wood and paper?  This term you will meet Discovery Dog and Naughty Nora; you will help them investigate which material is best to mop up Naughty Nora’s puddle!

During our Art lessons we are going to draw our own toy designs before using different pencils to produce observational drawings of our favourite teddy. What great artists we will be!

Indoor PE will be on a Monday as well as Games on a Friday so PE kits are needed in all week please.  Library books will be changed on a Wednesday. Book Club will be on Friday morning, so don’t forget to bring in a book you have been reading at home.

What a lot of exciting things to look forward to!

Spelling Strategies

Past Learning

Year R 2016-17

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