Year 2 - Miss Barnes, Mrs Bartlett, Miss Butler & Mrs Rumson

This half term Year 2 have chosen ‘Amazing Animals’ as their new topic.

To dive straight in, we became history detectives. Miss Barnes and Mrs Bartlett hid mystery artefacts and pictures around our school which we had to find and investigate carefully. They also slowly revealed an unknown picture of a mystery historical figure. We now know this is Mary Anning and we are learning about her incredible fossil hunting and how she became the first woman in history to discover a fully fossilised sea creature. We have also learnt how to analyse and compare different sources of information; we discovered that pictures of Mary Anning differ depending on the person who created it.

In Literacy, we have been reading about a girl and her favourite toy rabbit in ‘That rabbit belongs to Emily Brown’ by Cressida Cowell. We have inferred how disgruntled and irritated she gets when the Queen’s henchmen keep visiting demanding she hands over her beloved toy Stanley. Once we have finished the story, we will be creating our own versions about the adventures we have with our favourite toy animals.

In Computer Science we are becoming computer game designers! We are learning how a computer game is created by decomposing an existing one, and then recreating it. Our end goal will be to create our own animal game using Scratch; we can’t wait to share these!

In Design Technology we will be developing our sewing skills in order to create our own stuffed animals.

Our PE continues to be swimming and gymnastics on Wednesdays.

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