Year 2 - Miss Barnes, Mrs Bartlett, Miss Butler & Mrs Rumson

Year 2's  topic is 'Food and Drink'.

Our hook was tasting food from around the world and considering where and how the food is grown.  Some of the foods were very unusual we discovered some new delicacies!

We enjoyed our visit to the Harvester restaurant where we learnt about healthy eating and how the food service industry works. Warburtons, the bread company, will also be visiting us later on in the year as well for a 'Healthy Living' workshop to teach us about the baking industry and the art of bread-making. We will be lucky enough to enjoy delicacies first hand from both these events!

In Design Technology we have learnt and practised a range of cooking skills including peeling, cutting, slicing, grating and squeezing. Our 'Winter Warmer' end goal will give us the opportunity to create our own treats!

After exploring Arcimboldo’s fruit and vegetable face artwork, we will apply our new chef skills to create our own edible faces! After taking a photograph of our creations, we will select an art tool of our choice to recreate our faces. Will we use pastels, paint, pencils or magazine strips to make a collage? Watch this space to find out!

PDL will help us learn about how to keep healthy in other ways including cleanliness and the importance of dental hygiene.

Science will help us learn about a balanced diet and how to ensure this in our busy lives.

Literacy will see us creating food…not for us, but for the robin to enjoy! We will be writing instructions on how to create a bird feeder.

In French we will learn how to say our favourite foods, include which ones we like and which ones we dislike. We will also learn a French Christmas song which we can share with you at home!

Our Role Play areas will give us the chance to come up with our own healthy dishes, 'practise' our cooking skills and serve our 'customers'.

Homework and Book Club will still happen every Friday.

PE is timetabled for Monday and Wednesday. Please ensure your child has their PE kit in school every day.

An exciting half term ahead for Y2SB and Y2KB!

Miss Barnes, Mrs Bartlett, Mrs Rumson and Miss Butler

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