Year 3 - Mrs Baxter, Mrs Garlick, Mrs Riddell & Mrs Simpson

Welcome back – and happy new year!

We hope you have enjoyed your Christmas and are ready for the Spring Term.

We will be diving into our new topic which is “Spectacular Sea Creatures”.

In Geography, we will be exploring the different biomes in the world discovering the differences between the biomes and the animals that live in each habitat. Our main focus will be on the marine biome, linked to the creatures that live under the sea. We will recap previous learning of the oceans and continents, and develop their map skills as they learn to locate the Tropics, Equator and about longitude and latitude.

We will visit the Blue Reef Aquarium in Southsea, and learn the devastating effect that pollution is having on our seas, and explore different ways in which we can help. This will be linked to our end goal….which will remain a mystery for the time being!

Time… We will be exploring this through maths, learning the difference between analogue and digital clocks and reading a 24 hour clock, so please could you help with this at home.

In Art, which will also be linked to D.T, will be learning about textiles and we will designing and making a small toy and learning about different stitches and materials.

In Literacy, we will be finding out facts about different sea creatures and presenting our findings in our own way. We will write a diary entry from the point of one of the sea creatures and also create our own commentary in the style of Sir Richard Attenborough, after watching and studying video footage of his hit TV documentary - Blue Planet II. We will also explore the “Just so” stories, written by Rudyard Kipling and create our own versions.

In P.E we will be exploring the movement of creatures that live under the sea, creating a dance to music and we are lucky to have Dave Rowland in to teach us football skills every Monday afternoon.

In Science our topic is ‘Animals Including Humans’. We will be learning about nutrition including reading food labels. We will also be learning about the different types of bones and how a skeleton protects, supports and helps the body to move. 

Mrs Garlick, Mrs Baxter, Mrs Simpson and Mrs Mellish-Smith

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