Year 3 - Mrs Baxter, Mrs Garlick, Mrs Riddell & Mrs Simpson

Yr3 Butser

Year 3 Astounding Ancient Adventures

Welcome back – you are now in year 3!

Time to begin an exciting journey.

Astounding Ancient Adventures are coming your way

As we learn something wonderfully new every day!

We’ll explore the life and times of people in the past

Finding out how on earth they could last!

Where did they live? What did they eat?

What weapons they used and who would they beat?

Butser Ancient Farm will be our class “hook”

Where we’ll take part in workshops

And have a close look

At houses and tools, and where people slept

We’ll learn all about the animals they kept.

An archaeological dig will help us discover

What ancient artefacts there are still to uncover!

From cordage to chalk carving and then onto clunching

We’ll soon discover their tools used for hunting!

What changes there were through all of these stages

As we follow the time line through all of the ages.

Looking at rocks and fossils galore

Perhaps you will find some when you visit the shore...

Our Literacy will remain a huge mystery

but will be linked to those stages of our ancient history!

On Tuesday and Friday you’ll need your PE kit

As these are the days we will be keeping ourselves fit.

Times tables and spellings should be practised at home

We expect to see homework on Fridays alone!

Through Art we’ll explore cave paintings of old

The creatures they drew and the tales that they told

What did they paint with? How was it made?

You’ll have to wait til the end of the topic we’re afraid!

We’ll showcase our work in the form of a gallery

When you’ll be invited to share in our discovery

You can see, hear and read about all that we’ve learned

Your minds will be blown and your heads will be turned!

Mrs Garlick, Mrs Baxter, Mrs Simpson and Mrs Riddell

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