Year 4 - Mr Bater, Mrs Loveless, Mrs Hillyer & Ms Lolljowaheer

If you walk past the Year 4 classroom and hear miaows, woofs, growls or roars, don’t be panicked – it will be because Year 4 have chosen to study Creature Climates as their first topic this year!

As a hook to fully engage us in the topic, we will be exploring the wonders that Marwell Zoo has to offer in early September. Here, we will undertake a workshop led by a Marwell Zoo expert which will enlighten us about the natural habitats of the animals we will see. We will also have some time to roam and explore and hopefully see the amazing wildlife that Marwell Zoo is home to.

To complement this back in school, we will be creating a mixed media Art piece based on photographs of nature and habitats. This will be a new skill for us as a class and we will be able to flex our creativity muscles to the max in these sessions.

The Geography sessions will see us explore the different biomes around the world. We will discover the differences between the different biomes and consequently which animals have their habitats in those regions and why. There will also be opportunities to recap the seven continents and five major oceans (which is a Key Stage One expectation) as well as learning to locate some countries around the world in relation to the Equator, the Tropics and latitude and longitude. Keep your eyes and ears out for the European country challenge later in the term…

The Literacy sessions will be based around a text involving an animal from the polar regions but nothing more can be said at this stage so as to maintain the all-important element of mystery! The writing outcomes will include poetry, narration for a wildlife video and writing from a character’s viewpoint.

The end goal also remains a mystery at the moment – simply because the children of Year 4 will need to make the final decision on what it includes. More details to follow later in the term…

R.E. will be taught within the first week of the half-term. We are very lucky as Year 4s as we have the talented Miss Reynolds from Hampshire Music Service every Thursday afternoon. P.E. sessions will take place on Thursday and Games sessions will take place on a Friday, as will Spellings and the weekly homework tasks. All of this in addition to our daily Guided Reading and Maths sessions will mean we are in for a busy start to the year.

And of course we have the challenge of defending our title as the class with the best attendance in the school this year!

All in all, exciting times in Year 4.

Mrs Loveless, Mrs Hillyer, Ms Lolljowaheer and Mr Bater 

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