Year 4 - Mr Bater, Mrs Loveless, Mrs Hillyer & Ms Lolljowaheer

On Tuesday 16th January, the class will be travelling to Winchester Cathedral to experience an Art and Design Day led by an old friend of the school, Emma Hart. Emma has arranged three workshops for us to learn from:

  • The West Window
  • Carved in Stone
  • Illumination

The skills and knowledge that we gain from the trip to Winchester Cathedral will stand us in good stead upon our return to school as we complete our own Art unit on sculptures.

The Literacy sessions for the topic will be based around the book Beowulf, which was first produced by the Anglo-Saxons. The class will be creating narratives of their own based on the historical novel as well as character descriptions.

This will provide a good link to the History learning which will be based around Alfred the Great, who was King of Wessex in the 9th century. We will explore Alfred’s life and achievements to see if he truly earned the title of 'Great'! 

Using our knowledge gained in History, we will be creating Scratch games with an Anglo-Saxon theme. Our Design and Technology sessions will see us creating moving pictures, again with an Anglo-Saxon theme.

The topic will culminate in a historic re-enactment to the rest of the school and parents.

Once again, the Music sessions will be provided by Hampshire Music Service on a Thursday afternoon and we will be learning brass this term. We are also excited to be swimming for four weeks during this term.

This is in addition to the daily Numeracy sessions, weekly French sessions and the Phonics and spellings sessions as well.

Busy times as ever in Year 4! 

Mrs Loveless, Mrs Hillyer, Ms Lolljowaheer and Mr Bater

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