Foundation Stage - Mr Milburn, Mrs Barker & Mrs Villiger

The Red Barn team hope you all had a 'spooktacular' October half-term,

Year R voted for the topic of: Gruffalos, Dragons and Superworms.

We will retell the story of Room on the Broom in time for Halloween,

While timing how long it takes us to brush our teeth for clean and gleam.

Weekly Foundation Friday sessions will see us join forces with pre-school,

Where ordering the witch’s magic potions by volume will be really cool,

Which of our materials could we use to mend the witch’s broken broomstick?

Investigating the strength of the wind; will it move paper or a brick?

Helping to measure all the clothes of The Smartest Giant in Town,

And ordering them by length: George’s trousers, belt and gown.

I wonder which of George’s clothes will make the best sail for a boat?

Could it be the scarf for a cold giraffe or even his shirt for a goat?

Drawing maps for Stickman so he can find his way back home,

Floating and sinking our ‘welly walk’ sticks in the frolicking foam.

Writing postcards from Stickman addressed to the family tree,

And training for the Superworm Olympics with Mrs Gardiner in PE.

Researching the animals in The Monkey Puzzle and exploring their jungle habitat,

Returning the pastries and puddings stolen by the mischievous Highway Rat.

Reading the book Zog about the most-accident prone dragon in school,

Role-playing as doctors and nurses as we mend Zog in our class hospital.

A Gruffalo picnic for Black Friday with lots of scrambled snake,

Freezing owl ice cream and the Gruffalo crumble needs time to bake.

Please remember your talking tins on Mondays and reading books every day,

As we learn about the birth of Jesus in the run up to the Christmas play.

We are fast approaching the end of our very first autumn term,

Whilst sharing our Julia Donaldson songs… Hip, hip, hooray for Superworm!

The Year R Team

Mr Milburn, Mrs Barker and Mrs Villiger

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