Foundation Stage - Mr Milburn, Mrs Barker & Mrs Villiger

Superheroes to the Rescue!

After our ‘Bear Necessities’ topic proved to be a roaring success, We voted for our new topic... can you use your powers to have a guess?

‘Superheroes to the Rescue’ proved to be the most popular choice, We even practised reciting our topic name in a superhero voice!

Our role-play area will be transformed into an underground bat cave, You can even write your own secret ‘bat’ message if you are feeling brave,

We will read the book ‘Supertato’ and the sequel ‘Veggies Assemble’, Our representations of super vegetables will make the villains tremble,

Oh no! Someone looking for trouble has drawn on broccoli’s face! Time to get our fruits and veggies into shape with our very own Sports Day race.

The learning environment will be invaded by an army of evil peas, We will fully inspect the classroom and even check the cheese,

Working together to save carrot who is stuck to the conveyor belt, Evil pea has frozen our class superheroes... how will we make the ice melt?

A visit to the supermarket to construct our own evil pea traps, Finding out where our fruits and veggies come from using the world map,

We will paint superhero eggs and design a parachute contraption, We can only have the materials that we label in a caption,

Some eggs will survive the drop and some eggs will smash, Will your egg be a superhero like Supergirl or The Flash?

We will create our own superheroes and give them special powers, Invisibility, super speed and strength to knock down towers,

Using Numicon to make our own superhero cityscapes, Matching all the numbers to the different Numicon shapes,

Freeing the superheroes by matching lock and key, Designing traps to catch the villains and set our heroes free,

Star Wars phonics with foam lightsabers and learning about the force, Using our creative skills to design a superhero obstacle course,

We will have a superhero passport tracking everything we’ve done, Logging our dynamic superhero activities and having lots of fun,

Being creative, resilient and engaged as a superhero team, As we rapidly approach our final term in Reception class, 2018!

The Year R Super Veggies Mr Milburn, Miss Stevenson, Mrs Barker, Mrs Villiger and Mrs Blake

YrR Super Veg 2018

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