Foundation Stage - Mr Milburn, Mrs Barker & Mrs Villiger

YrR Bears

Bear Necessities

Before the Christmas holidays we enjoyed learning about the adventures of Superworm,

Reception has voted for ‘Bear Necessities’ as our new topic for the spring term,

We will discuss our favourite bear’s adventures over the Christmas holiday,

What sort of mischief did our bears get up to and what games did they play?

We will make our own marmalade sandwiches and read about Paddington bear,

How will we share out the ingredients for our recipe and make it fair?

A sight-seeing tour around London and a trip to deepest, darkest Peru,

Passports at the ready before boarding; please form an orderly queue!

We will plot Paddington’s journey on a map from Peru to Notting Hill, 

Departing the train at Paddington Station will certainly be a thrill!

Solving the Goldilocks crime scene and interviewing the three bears,

Measuring all the evidence from the three porridge bowls to the chairs,

Designing posters to encourage people to find Bear’s missing hat,

Comparing the key themes in ‘I Want My Hat Back’ and ‘The Highway Rat’,

Using Makaton to retell ‘We’re Going on a Bear Hunt’ by Michael Rosen,

Learning about different bear habitats; from Grizzly forests to ice caps frozen,

Applying our counting skills for One Ted Falls Out Of Bed and uncovering the clues,

Can you solve the mystery and help Ted add the dolls, trolls and balloons?

Negotiating the apparatus in Gymnastics just like a Panda climbing bamboo,

Performing our very own Jungle Book dance to, ‘I Wan’na Be Like You’,

Writing invitations to pre-school to attend our Teddy Bear’s picnic,

Sharing our maps of Paddington’s journey and trying not to get seasick!

We’re going on a bear hunt, we’re going to catch a big one,

Another busy term in Reception with lots of bear themed fun!

The Year R Team

Mr Milburn, Mrs Barker and Mrs Villiger

YrR Bears2

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