Year 1 – Ms Loizides, Miss Butler, Mrs Mellish-Smith, Mrs Rumson & Mrs Villiger

All at Sea

Yo, ho, ho and a bottle of pop, it’s a pirate’s life for me. Well, actually it is a pirate’s life for Year 1 as they begin their new topic, ‘All at Sea.’ We will begin the topic having a pirate themed day with map making, singing pirate songs and hunting for precious jewels. Hopefully nobody will have to walk the plank!

Grandad's Island book coverIn literacy we will be learning all about a little boy called Syd and his adventures with his Grandad in the book ‘Grandad’s Island’ by Benji Davies. They sail away on Grandad’s ship and visit a magical island and share wonderful times together.                                                                 

In PE we will all be dipping into the deep blue sea (swimming pool) when we all become water babies and improve our swimming skills. We need to know how to swim, just in case we get chased by a shark!

In computing we will be learning more about algorithms and then use Scratch to create our own dancing pirates. We will also be thinking about online safety and how personal information should not be shared online.

In science we will be planting our feet firmly on the ground when we plant seeds and bulbs. We will be growing fruits and vegetables and having a bean growing competition. We wonder how tall they will grow!

In art, Mrs Garlick will be diving under the ocean waves and is going to teach us printing and collage based on the story of ‘The Rainbow Fish’ and other underwater stories.

In geography we will be learning about the human and physical features of our local area and comparing our school to a different school in another part of the country.

Our end goal is another pirate day, but this time we will be hunting for edible treasure!

Homework is given out and returned on a Monday and our library day is Friday. Our PE day is Tuesday, so please wear your PE kit.

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