Year 4 – Mrs Haden-Brown, Mrs Herridge, Miss Bishop, Mrs Mellish-Smith & Mrs Tamblyn

Sea, Land and Sky

Anglo Saxon BoatCrazy about cars? Buzzing about boats? In awe of pioneers like Amelia Earhart? Well, Year 4 is the place for you as we have chosen to study Sea, Land and Sky”. Our “hook” will be an afternoon spent using technology to design and create our very own electric cars and racing them… Then, after we will watch L’aviatrice, a short film about Jacqueline Auriol who was the first European female to break the sound barrier, before writing a biography about her. Once our biographies are completed we will move on to study the old English epic poem, Beowulf before describing his nemesis, Grendel.

DT buggyIn History, we will explore the key question of Did the Anglo Saxons ruin Britain?  Our trip this term will be to Stubbington Outdoor Centre where we will delve into Anglo-Saxon life and use our learning to complete an archaeological dig, write in runes, construct a wattle and daube wall, create shields and weaving – we can’t wait!

After considering how to keep ourselves safe in the online world in Computer Science, we will learn where electricity comes from; how switches work; which materials allow electricity to flow through them and which items use electricity to work in Science. Design Technology will see us apply this knowledge to design and make alarms to protect Heorot Hall from Grendel from the very famous story, Beowulf.

In Art we will study Jacob Epstein before producing a sculpture of our mythical fairy-tale creature and we then use our digital literacy skills to make a computer-generated background for our sculptures.

In Music we will be identifying the rhythm, beat and time signature of Peer Gynt, The Hall of The Mountain King and using our own music notation to compose a short piece of music to describe Beowulf’s arrival at Heorot Hall.

P.E will be on Tuesday afternoons.

Please ensure your child comes to school in the correct P.E kit:

  • White T-shirt (without buttons please)
  • Leggings or black or red athletics shorts (shorts must be worn for gymnastics)
  • Plain tracksuit (required for outdoor P.E. when the weather is colder)
  • Trainers for outside

For safety, long hair should be tied back and earrings removed please.

Home Learning, consisting of spelling and times table practise, will be handed out and collected in on Mondays. The children will also exchange their library books on Mondays.

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