Being a Governor

Being a governor is a large responsibility but also very rewarding when you see the achievements of the school and its pupils.  There are many opportunities for personal development and interaction with the school.

There are 2 or 3 meetings per term, which are approximately 2 hours each.  There would be 1 or 2 full governing body meetings that everyone attends and usually 1 committee meeting per term.  There are 2 committees, Finance (covers budget, buildings, staff issues etc) and a SSI committee (covers progress, attainment, curriculum etc).  You would be asked to join one of the committees.

In addition to this you would be asked to meet with your linked teacher once per term to discuss their subject area and bring findings back to the full governing body meeting – these should last about 30 mins.  There is a standard format of paperwork/questions for you to discuss and fill in with your linked teacher.  We then ask you to put these into the file once they’re completed so that we have records of the meetings for Ofsted and give brief feedback in the next FGB meeting.

In total it should be about 8 hours per term by the time you add in reading any policies we’re reviewing at the next meeting, minutes of the previous meeting etc.

As a one off when you start you have to go on the new governor training which is either 3 x evenings or 2 x half days.  There are usually courses in Gosport and/or Cosham.

There are also additional roles within the governing body but you are not obliged to take on one of these, it depends on how much time you are prepared to give.

If you are interested we invite you to sit in on a full governing body meeting to see whether you like it.  If you are still keen to join us we will get you booked on the training and at the next FGB meeting we will vote you into office.  You should note that you are required to be DBS checked and that some of what you hear in the meetings is confidential and/or privileged information and should not be discussed with anyone other than governors.

If you are interested please contact the chair of governors via the school office.

Chair of Governors: Chris Hatton
Vice Chair: Hannah Wynne
Clerk: Emma Morgan

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