Year 2 – Mrs Baxter, Miss Barnes, Mrs Rumson, Mrs Tamblyn & Miss Walker

Animals Through the Ages

The next topic Year 2 have chosen is ‘Animals Through the Ages’.

Animals treeHave you ever wondered what animals live in the savannah? How do we know so much about dinosaurs when they have been extinct for 65 million years?

Well, here is the chance to find out as we explore ‘Animals through the Ages’.



Class 2 will be hooked in to their new topic by enjoying a film! We will be watching ‘Dinosaur’ which will introduce us to what happened to the dinosaurs whilst we enjoy some topic related treats…

In history we will be finding out about Mary Anning, the famous female fossil hunter, and exploring questions including ‘What did she discover?’ and ’Why is she famous?’. Class 2 will learn about her life and compare the similarities and differences between life in the 19th century to the present day. We will hopefully find out why she sadly didn’t receive any recognition for her amazing work until long after she died.

To continue our learning on Mary Anning, our literacy learning will involve reading the picture book ‘Stone Girl, Bone Girl’, a book all about her life. We will be using drama to act out significant events from her past and write diary entries in role as Mary Anning. We will also be exploring the book ‘One Day on our Blue Planet’ which will lead us to finding out about different animals in the savannah and creating information pages about them.

In science we will be exploring animals and their habitats, finding out how offspring change as they grow into adults and learning about the basic needs of animals including humans! This will link to our geography learning where we will compare and contrast Nairobi in Kenya with Portchester.  Nairobi has a National Park and is the only city in the world with wildlife such as lions, leopards and giraffes roaming freely in the savannah, 7km from the city centre.

Our PE this term is gymnastics and netball, both taking place on a Wednesday, We will be outside for Netball so please ensure your child has suitable clothing for the weather as we will be on the playground and the grass. Please remove earrings and tie back long hair. Year 2’s library session will be every Thursday morning so please remember to return library books.

Our daily phonics, reading practice, spellings and weekly whizz quiz will continue.

Please remember that home learning is due in and reissued every Monday.

Your child needs to read their reading book at least three times a week at home with you – please ensure you sign their bookmark when they have read with you in order for them to receive their sticker!

We look forward to another great topic with Year 2!

Mrs Baxter, Miss Barnes and Mrs Rumson

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