Year 2 – Mrs Baxter, Miss Barnes, Mrs Rumson, Mrs Tamblyn & Miss Walker

The Olden Days

The Titanic Imagine being on board the most famous ship of all time, when suddenly disaster strikes! How many will survive? How will they be rescued? Who is to blame?

We will begin our adventure with a trip to the past in history, exploring life on board the Titanic during our Titanic Day. We will dress up as a third, second or third class passenger and eat breakfast onboard the ‘ship’. Later in the term we will visit the SeaCity Museum and discover the reasons why the maiden voyage ended in disaster. We will link this to our literacy learning where we will create a piece of non-narrative writing and informal letters. In computer science, we will use Bee-Bots and navigate them around a map of the Atlantic, avoiding the iceberg!

Our science learning will involve learning about animals and their habitats and will include a visit to the pond area. We will also be finding out about food chains. In geography we will be learning about the weather and how it is so changeable in the UK. We will investigate extreme weather and how we dress for different seasons.

Our PE this term is swimming and athletics. We will be swimming on Wednesdays for 4 weeks so please ensure your child has the correct kit. Please remove earrings and tie back long hair. Year 2’s library session will be every Thursday morning so please remember to return library books.

Our daily phonics, reading practice, spellings and weekly whizz quiz will continue, making it another exciting term in Year 2. Make sure you have your tickets at the ready, for a fun packed voyage to continue our learning!

Mrs Baxter, Miss Barnes and Mrs Rumson.

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