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“For genuine learning to take place, learners must be emotionally engaged”

For us, this is how the challenge began. We needed to devise a curriculum that would excite, delight and ultimately engage our learners.

How could we guarantee that the topics would be stimulating for the children?

How could we ensure that the children would engage with their learning?

How could we make sure that we would reach our aim of nurturing life long learners?

At Red Barn Primary School, we do this by allowing our children to select their own topics. We began with Year 6 and Year R choosing their own topics and then asked the children for their views. Feedback from children includes:

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So we went with choosing their own topics but we still had to ensure that every child was achieving well as this was also an integral part of the Red Barn school vision.

Creating a love of learning through an exciting, child led curriculum had to go hand in hand with outstanding levels of progress and, ultimately, raised attainment. We strongly believe that we achieve this through dedicated guided group teaching and an expectation that each child will independently apply this learning. This is underpinned by daily assessment and planning in the light of this assessment, ensuring our children’s learning needs are addressed.

We work hard to weave in the demands of the national curriculum into children’s interests to deliver an engaging curriculum. These topics are complimented with trips and visitors to provide children with first hand experiences.

Ultimately, children need to leave our school being literate and numerate in order to fully access the curriculum at secondary level and beyond.

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If you would like to find out more information about our curriculum, please ask at the school office.

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