Young Governors

Welcome to the Young Governor’s page.

We have been thinking about our role in our school. Our duties include:

  • Listening to the views and concerns of other children.
  • Representing these views to Mrs Baxter, Miss Way and other adults in our school.
  • Coming up with ideas to help improve our school and make decisions.
  • Thinking of ways to contribute locally and globally.
  • Fundraising for our school.
  • Helping to organise events.
  • Deciding on how some of the school’s budget is spent!

The Young Governor role is a very responsible position and is an opportunity to play an important part in our Red Barn community. We were voted in by our classmates who trust that we will help to make important decisions on their behalf. We act as a voice for our classmates by having regular Young Governor meetings every Tuesday afternoon. If you have any good ideas then please let one of the Young Governors know. We are always happy to help.

We hope to make a big difference this year and we wear our Young Governor badges with pride!