Year 5 – Mr Bater, Mrs Johns & Mrs Wilkinson

Fort Nelson EntranceOur trip to Fort Nelson in May provided the perfect hook for our next topic, World War Two. That day, we enjoyed a fascinating glimpse of wartime life as we were transported back in time and led through a series of activities by a lieutenant and a member of the air raid patrol service. Recognising planes in the dark, learning how to equip ourselves in the event of an air raid siren and learning how to fire guns were all part of the great day we experienced. It did give us a taste of what life would have been like during the wartime effort.

D DayNo surprise that this topic will be dominated by history as we explore the key question ‘How did our local area contribute to the progress of D-Day?’ Through exploring key figures and their decisions, we will aim to understand more about the iconic event of D-Day on its 80th anniversary. The literacy sessions will continue in the same vein with Tom Palmer’s Arctic Star providing the stimulus for us to create narratives with a desired atmosphere. Our guided reading book, Letters from the Lighthouse, provides another insight into the wartime, this time from the perspective of an evacuee.

Ration BookDesign and Technology will see us celebrating different cultures in the world of food. Who knows, we may be able to link this to reflect the limited food choices available in World War Two to see what can be created….

With all this learning, it only seems right we share it with the other classes in an end-of-topic showcase to be planned by the Year 5 children.

We have two more sessions on swimming booked before we return to outdoor PE on a Tuesday. With sports day in mind, we will learn some athletics skills as well as test our hand at cricket.

Euro 2024The Euro 2024 football tournament provides a great opportunity for us to learn and apply maths through the context of sport. Our French sessions see us focus on ‘Time in the City’ whilst Science will focus on ‘Forces’.

We also have a transition day to Portchester School and our end of year musical performance to look forward to! Home learning continues to be shared on a Monday and new spellings will continue to be given out on a Wednesday.

As ever, busy times in Year 5!

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