Our Vision, Values and Ethos

Red Barn Bus

The children, parents, staff and governors of Red Barn Primary School are clear on the vision for our school.

We see it as a journey. When we join Red Barn Primary School, we climb aboard the Red Barn Bus.

The destination is clear: by the end of the child’s time at Red Barn School, we aim for them to:

  • Recognise how to help others
  • Achieve their best
  • Know how to stay safe and healthy
  • Have a love of learning that they will take with them on their next journey

Here at Red Barn Primary School, we are all working towards achieving this vision for our young people.

We can only make this journey in partnership with parents and governors.

To keep everyone aboard on the Red Barn bus, we have 3 very simple rules:

  • Safety
  • Respect
  • Learning

Our Learning Values are: Teamwork, Creativity, Perseverance, Engagement, Resilience and Independence.

Find out more about these values by clicking here.