Year 3 – Mr Godden & Mrs Newport


Lower the drawbridge and open the portcullis! Welcome to Year 3’s first topic of the year, Castles!

Picture of a castle overlooking waterWe will embark on a journey to investigate various castles across the United Kingdom, serving as a foundation for our Geography learning. Our exploration will encompass a wide range of elements, from the influence of local and natural geography to the ingenious man-made features that rendered these fortresses nearly impenetrable! Together, we will unravel the secrets that have allowed these architectural marvels to endure the trials of time…

picture of a castle ruinsIn D.T, we will be continuing this research into what kept castles so secure with a special interest in portcullises. We will be creating our own pulley systems to operate our own portcullises and soon enough we’ll be building guarded gates fit for a king!

In our daily Literacy lessons, we will begin to develop our language choices and first-person storytelling as we delve into the story, “The Mousehole Cat”, as a basis for our own exciting retelling. The excellent language and beautiful art will soon inspire some incredible stories!

The Mousehole Cat artwork

Our Numeracy lessons will also take place daily, and we will be starting by recapping our calculations for the four operations as well as developing our understanding of place value.

We’ll also excitingly be saying “Bonjour!” to French in Year 3 where we’ll be learning some simple conversational language. Très bien!

Our science lessons will see us learning about plant biology and the lifecycles of plants. In no time at all, we’ll be recognising local flora from all around Britain’s most famous castles!

We will also be focusing on the theme of worship in RE and what worship might look like for different people.

Our music lessons will focus on the traditional form of song, the ballad.

Our P.E days are Wednesday and Tuesday so please send your child into school in their P.E kit for those days.

Home learning will run from Monday to Monday.

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