Year 3 – Mr Godden & Mrs Newport

Tools and Weapons

Grab your spears and sharpen your shears, Year 3’s next topic is tools and weapons!

We will be investigating changes in tools and weapons throughout time as a focus for our history learning. We will cover a vast period of history, from the Stone Age to the Iron Age, asking the question: What changed the most in people’s everyday life? Together, we will reveal the secrets of the past from the pieces of history left behind…

In Art, we will be continuing this investigation with a focus on replicating ancient cave art. We will be using images of real cave art made thousands of years ago to inspire our own modern recreations!


In our daily Literacy lessons, we will be entertaining our readers by using interesting and varied sentences effect and ending in a range of punctuation such as exclamation marks and question marks. We will be using “UG: Boy Genius of the Stone Age”, as a basis for our learning and we will be creating our own comic page with the goal of making our peers laugh their stone trousers off!

Our Numeracy lessons will also take place daily, and we will be partitioning to allow us to multiply and divide larger numbers with ease.

We’ll also excitingly be creating our own video games on scratch with the goal of creating a moving character, obstacles and levels to complete!

Our science lessons will see us learning about light and shadows and their effects on each other.

We will also be focusing on the theme of good and bad in RE and what different people believe good and bad means.

Our music lessons will focus on the natural sounds of the world around us as well as the start of jazz music.

Our P.E days are Wednesday and Thursday so please send your child into school in their P.E kit for those days.

Home learning will run from Monday to Monday.

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