Year 6 – Mrs Walsh, Ms Lolljowaheer & Mrs Todd-Wickenden

The Museum of Culture and Inventions

“Can we create our own museum?” Year 6 asked one day,

Sharing our learning about culture and inventions in our own way?

And so, it was decided and became their next topic of choice,

A topic that oozes creativity and is informed by their voice,

As we delve deep into life in a Mayan civilisation,

We’ll explore their achievements, daily life and most significant creation,

As historians, we’ll question and analyse the sources of information,

To make accurate comparisons between life in the Mayan and our generation,

We’ll record our findings in a written report as part of our literacy learning,

With our effective vocabulary choices, the pages you’ll keep turning,

Writing poetry to inform and entertain will be our next focal point,

Our cohesive stanzas and captivating performances will not disappoint,

Loop the loop and around we go as we enhance our coding skills,

As we learn to use loops to increase the efficiency of our code – the effectiveness will give you chills.

Armed with a reel of perseverance our sewing we will eagerly begin,

Creating a toolkit that resources for protection could easily be kept within,

To combine our history learning with our textiles learning in DT,

We’ll research existing products, ensuring our design is the best it can be.

Pop Art is the unit of music we’ll explore and discover,

Learning about alternative themes and variation, patterns of a melody we’ll uncover.

Come and see our artistic creations – although we may appear in disguise,

As we design and create Mayan masks, all you’ll see are our eyes!

Speak to Year 6 and on you their knowledge of the Museum of Culture and Inventions they will impart,

With their enthusiasm and passion that definitely comes from the heart!

Our PE days will be on a Wednesday and a Thursday. Please ensure that your child arrives at school wearing their PE kit.

Homework will be set on a Monday and will be due in on the following Monday.

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